Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 trade targets on Jaguars as they hold fire sale

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Three Jaguars trade targets for the Buccaneers as the franchise holds a fire sale
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K Josh Lambo

We don’t see too many trades for kickers now a days and the Buccaneers would have to be smart to pull this off, but you can’t argue this is a major need that could be addressed.

Josh Lambo has hit on 88.5 percent of his field goal attempts over the course of his five-year career and would be a major upgrade to what the Bucs currently have on their roster.

Now, where you get into the weeds here is what Tampa Bay would have to give up for a kicker. Would you really be willing to give up a draft pick? That’s the epitome of what the Bucs have done wrong over the past few years.

However, if you’re looking to win immediately, trading a sixth-rounder or something of that magnitude and project piece for a proven kicking talent, that doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world.

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That being said, I still would stay away from that trade and focus on other positions to address and make the team better.