Tom Brady and Bruce Arians already at odds? It’s only Week 2.

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers /

Is there already friction between Tom Brady and Bruce Arians?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t have the start to the season that they were hoping for and now there is reported friction between QB Tom Brady and Head Coach Bruce Arians.

There has been a slew of national media coverage related to comments from Buccaneers Coach Bruce Arians following the loss to the Saints last week and his firm nature related to the two interceptions thrown by Tom Brady.

Though Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans said that both interceptions were his fault this week in his press conference previewing the game against the Carolina Panthers, Arians has remained steadfast that his quarterback needs to improve.

"“He’s had it before. I mean, he knows how to bounce back,” Arians said this week, via the Tampa Bay Times, after saying both interceptions were Brady’s fault on Sunday. “He knew he didn’t play very well. It’s not what he expects from himself nor do we expect.“I would expect him to have a little more grit, a little more determination this week.”"

Arians also went on to say that the quarterback “looked like Tom Brady in practice” and that he is hoping the quarterback will learn from his struggles and bounce back.

Tom Brady spoke to the media for the first time Thursday afternoon and had this to say about Arians’ comments:

"“He’s the coach. I’m a player. We’re trying to win a game,” Brady said via NBC Sports."

More so than anything else, media is creating the controversy for Tom Brady & Bruce Arians

There are all kinds of reports that Arians and Brady are at odds of some kind. Media members made the observation that Tom Brady seemed agitated during his press conference, but in my opinion, I don’t think much is there.

We’ve heard from voices like Brett Favre, for instance, calling out Arians for criticizing Tom Brady, but honestly, Arians didn’t say anything that was untruthful.

He hasn’t continued to call out Brady in a way that is chippy. He’s just been up-front and honest- as he always is- and laid it out on the line.

Yes, he’s challenging his quarterback to get better. Yes, it’s probably true that his comments- and the fact that they suffered a loss- is irritating Brady. But that doesn’t mean there’s any kind of real friction or animosity between the two.

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Could there develop friction from these early season comments if things continue progressing in the wrong direction? Absolutely. But we all know that winning heals all wounds and once the Bucs are in the win column, these stories that are being pushed go away.