3 Reasons why the Buccaneers should trade for Sam Darnold

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t have a concrete strategy for life after Tom Brady, and a trade for Sam Darnold could be a great move.

Sam Darnold has experienced an abysmal start to his NFL career. The New York Jets are far from a well-run franchise, and Darnold has played behind the eight-ball, so to speak, due to occurrences outside of his control.

As every Bucs fan can tell you, a bad coach and poor decisions by the front office can stifle even the most talented quarterbacks. All of the ability in the world matters very little when the play-calling and roster decisions are horrible.

Darnold has shown flashes during his career that point to a high upside, but he will need to leave New York if he hopes to realize those possibilities.

With the 2021 NFL Draft being a primary focus for most NFL fans, with players like Trevor Lawrence available, it’s hard not to notice that the Jets are currently favorites to end up with the number one pick. A similar situation was seen with Josh Rosen and Kyler Murray in Arizona, and this messy situation could end up nicely for the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay will need a new quarterback to follow in Tom Brady‘s footsteps, and Darnold has all of the upside to succeed in that role. Here are three reasons why Tampa Bay should make this trade happen.

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