2021 NFL Draft: Way too early mock draft for the Buccaneers

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The Buccaneers still need to play the rest of their 2020 season before the 2021 NFL Draft even becomes a thought, but here are their projected picks.

It may be too early to start looking towards the upcoming NFL Draft in 2021, but the Buccaneers already need to start planning for next season. The Bucs have already made some massive strides in improving their offense, but their best shot to win a Super Bowl will likely come next year.

As of now, the Bucs have very few needs on either side of the ball. Tampa Bay has a handful of free agents that could move on, but Bruce Arians has made it clear that keeping this roster together is paramount for a deeper playoff push.

After the Buccaneers bring back their free agents at the end of this season, the draft will focus on filling the holes left by the older veteran departures. Even if players like Ndamukong Suh and Leonard Fournette return, the Bucs will want to start looking into some long-term options.

While the draft order hasn’t even been set yet, this order comes from The Draft Network‘s mock draft simulator. All of the picks were made by evaluating potential needs and player availability using the automatic draft function.

Here are the picks that were made, and these are some college football players that Bucs fans should keep an eye on this year.

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