Will Tom Brady shake Patrick Mahomes’ hand if he loses?

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Will Tom Brady continue his streak of not meeting QBs at midfield if he loses?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ QB Tom Brady has faced some scrutiny from national media members and fans alike about not shaking opposing QBs’ hands after losses.

The first time it was observed was a few weeks ago when the Buccaneers lost their game to the Chicago Bears. Tom Brady didn’t make his way to midfield to greet Nick Foles following the loss and national media made not of it.

That had simmered down once the Bucs got back to their winning ways, but a Tampa Bay loss Monday night stirred the pot yet again when Brady didn’t make his way to midfield to greet Jared Goff after a terrible performance and an interception that cost the Bucs a chance to potentially drive down the field and score a game-winning touchdown.

The question is pretty simple: Will Tom Brady shake Patrick Mahomes‘ hand if the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers Sunday afternoon?

The truth is that Tom Brady owes no one an explanation and he’s not going to give one

I understand that it’s customary for players to meet following a game and I understand that Brady isn’t showing great sportsmanship when he jogs off the field without shaking the hand or at least greeting the opposing QB of a team that beat him.

Interestingly enough, Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke of the time last year where Brady came by the Kansas City locker room to offer words of encouragement following his loss to the Chiefs.

In all honesty, though, isn’t this much to do about nothing?

Yes, it’d be great to see Brady be cordial after a loss, but it’s the competitor in him that causes those decisions to be made. He was frustrated with himself, he wasn’t trying to make a statement that he has problems with Foles or Goff. It just is who he is.

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National media can continue to put this under the microscope all they want to, but Brady is going to keep doing what he wants and honestly, he doesn’t have to answer to anybody for it. Sorry, not sorry.