Buccaneers: 5 things we want to see during bye week

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Five things we want to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers accomplish during the bye week

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 12 games into their season and are finally getting a much-needed rest with an open date this week.

The Buccaneers currently sit at 7-5 overall and are right in the hunt for a wild-card berth as we head into the final full month of the regular season.

As things heat up in the playoff race for Tampa Bay, there’s much more that we need to see from this team moving forward.

Here are five things we want to see from the Buccaneers during the bye week.

5. Get back healthy

The obvious one that you always want to see during a bye week is a resurrection of health.

The Bucs have been on the receiving end of a ton of bad injuries over the course of this year that have left players sidelined for multiple weeks and, in a few cases, the entire season.

While the team was seemingly getting their feet back underneath them the past couple of weeks, there’s definitely something to be said about them playing 12-straight games and what that can do to their bodies.

The team will finally have a chance to get a little rest and, hopefully, that leads to a more energetic & less banged up group as we head down the stretch.