Writer says Super Bowl is a ‘waste’ with Tom Brady in it again

(Photo by Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) Tom Brady
(Photo by Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) Tom Brady /

It’s a historic time to be a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For the first time since 2002, the Bucs will be playing in the Super Bowl with an opportunity to win the franchise’s second Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Around this time a year ago, it’s hard to imagine that the majority of Tampa fans believed their favorite team would be one of the final two remaining at the end of the 2020 playoffs.

But thanks to a number of notable additions, including Tom Brady, and the defense taking tremendous leaps this season, the Bucs will get the chance to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Some aren’t thrilled Tom Brady helped lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl

Despite all of the success that Tampa has been able to experience during the 2020 campaign, not everyone is jumping for joy to celebrate their accomplishments. Some of these people aren’t even fans of an NFC South rival, but they’re just tired of seeing Brady in the Super Bowl over and over again.

SFGATE’s Drew Magary is among those who would have rather seen someone other than the Bucs quarterback playing in this season’s Super Bowl.

Magary, formerly of Deadspin, didn’t hold back with his feelings about Brady, who he refers to as “a fossil of lemon that’s been sucked dry.” He’s basically tired of the Tampa quarterback constantly being the subject of the two weeks of coverage leading up to the Super Bowl for the past two decades.

Magary is tired of the same questions being asked, the same arguments being had, and the same quarterback playing in the Super Bowl. He thinks the NFL’s annual championship would have been more enjoyable if it featured the Green Bay Packers taking on the Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills instead.

When the Bucs take on the Chiefs in this season’s Super Bowl, Magary also believes the most entertaining thing Brady can do is “embarrass himself.”

So you’re probably thinking this guy has to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Buffalo Bills with how much disdain he has for Brady, right? Nope, Magary is actually a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

Now, Brady is 6-0 in his career against the Vikings, including when he helped Tampa defeat them back in Week 14. So maybe Magary is just angry at the future Hall of Fame quarterback for beating up his favorite team.