Why Sean Murphy-Bunting’s Christmas tree deserves a Super Bowl ring

Sean Murphy-Bunting, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Sean Murphy-Bunting, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Did Sean Murphy-Bunting’s Christmas tree give the Buccaneers the edge they needed in the playoffs?

Sean Murphy-Bunting has been a fan-favorite since he arrived in Tampa. After joining a struggling secondary as a rookie and stepping into a starting role, SMB’s impact has revolutionized one of the worst secondaries in the NFL.

In addition to his play on the field, Murphy-Bunting has the type of personality that draws fans in. It always seems like SMB is flashing his signature smile and having fun, even when playing, and it looks like it’s fun more often than not when he is on the field.

In Murphy-Bunting’s first three playoff games ever, he recorded an interception in each one. The only other player to do this in the history of the NFL is Ed Reed, so in addition to SMB’s regular-season performances, we are clearly watching the start of a very special career.

SMB turned it on when it mattered most, which epitomized the Buccaneers’ stark change in play after the bye. Tampa Bay struggled in the middle of the season, but they put it together after their week off, not losing a game.

Sean Murphy-Bunting deserves more praise than he gets

On paper, it may look like the Bucs were just able to implement great game plans and use the bye to their advantage, but in reality, the longest win streak in the league right now is due to Sean Murphy-Bunting’s…Christmas tree?

Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football tweeted out the hilarious story this morning. Apparently, while making the rounds of the morning talk shows to discuss the historic Super Bowl win, Sean Murphy-Bunting was interviewed in front of a Christmas tree in his bedroom.

Murphy-Bunting explained that the Bucs hadn’t lost a game since it went up and joked that it might have to stay up all year.

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So that explains why SMB was able to replicate an impressive record only held by a Hall of Fame safety. The Buccaneers weren’t in a position to turn down any good luck, and Murphy-Bunting was the one to bring it in.

While the Bucs need to focus on keeping their roster intact this offseason, they may want to sign Murphy-Bunting’s tree to the team for next year so it can finally get the recognition that it deserves with a Super Bowl ring of its own.

Sean, please don’t take it down.

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