Buccaneers: Was Mike Garafolo actually wrong about Lavonte David?

Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /
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Was Mike Garafolo actually can wrong? Can the Buccaneers keep Lavonte David?

If you’re a Buccaneers fan, your Twitter almost assuredly blew up several days ago when Good Morning Football’s Mike Garafolo said during a segment that he thinks that Lavonte David will end up with a different team during free agency.

Garafolo cited the more significant needs for the Buccaneers, the wide-spread market for David, and the Bucs’ inability to pay David what he deserves during a year with a smaller cap. Garafolo didn’t claim this to be an absolute truth, yet Bucs Twitter still blew up to the point that Garafolo had to issue an apology.

The Buccaneer fanbase on social media is one of the most interesting in sports. “Inside sources” assured us that Jameis Winston was “100% coming back in 2020.”

“Tom Brady isn’t an upgrade, and even if he was, he isn’t coming to Tampa.”

“Why would Rob Gronkowski un-retire and then demand a trade to Tampa? He won a fake wrestling title!”

“Antonio Brown will destroy this locker room, don’t sign him!”

Is it fair to say that Bucs Twitter may not always be the final authority on key topics, especially those that include emotion?

The fans are rightfully emotional about this topic. Lavonte David is the longest-tenured player on the roster and the one who deserves this current string of success the most, and now someone would suggest that he could leave? This is assuredly something that comes as a painful possibility, but to go up in arms over it and to necessitate an apology is ridiculous.

Lavonte David’s return is not as set in stone as it seems. The Buccaneers absolutely have to bring back Shaquil Barrett for the future. This deal could and should break the bank, and rightfully so. A consistent pass-rusher is one of the four most important positions on the field, far above even an All-Pro middle linebacker.

Outside of Barrett, some people also believe the Bucs will franchise tag Chris Godwin. This will put the Bucs on the hook for north of 15-million dollars in 2021 in addition to Barrett’s new contract, so the already-limited space dries up even more.

Keep in mind, none of this addresses depth either. Did we forget to mention that the Bucs also need about seven million for rookies, and wouldn’t it be smart to keep a bit of cash on hand in case of an emergency?