Buccaneers: Cheap outside free agents Jason Licht needs to offer now

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Jason Licht and the Buccaneers can’t stop now.

Free agency is a tricky beast to tackle, even for a team like the Buccaneers. Jason Licht and company have been excellent at keeping their main contributors from the Super Bowl run on the roster, but there are always ways to improve the team.

The current thought process isn’t terrible; this team was able to win it all once, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do it again. There is some truth to this belief, but complacency is dangerous for a team like this.

While Tampa doesn’t need to make any crazy moves in the draft to remain successful, spending some money on outside free agents also helps.

Player #1

Cordarrelle Patterson

As weird as it sounds, Patterson is likely on his way to the Hall of Fame at this rate. As one of the best return men in NFL history with a Super Bowl ring and plenty of personal accolades to boot, Patterson would be a continuation of the Buccaneers taking slightly past their prime stars.

On paper, the fit makes perfect sense. Patterson has a history with Brady winning a Super Bowl, the Bucs could need help at running back, receiver, and on kick returns, and Patterson can help with everything.

Patterson wouldn’t cost much to bring to Tampa in search of a second ring, and the Buccaneers could use him as they see fit to plug some holes on the roster.

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