Buccaneers: Kyle Trask to the Saints would be a dream come true

Kyle Trask, potential opponent of the Buccaneers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Kyle Trask, potential opponent of the Buccaneers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Saints and Kyle Trask are a match made in Heaven for the Buccaneers.

Of all the draft picks that would make us smile, few would be better for the Buccaneers than the Saints taking Kyle Trask to carry the mantle after Drew Brees. The Saints already have a suspect duo on their roster to shoulder the starting duties in 2021, but Trask would only add to the fun.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Saints are interested in bringing Trask to New Orleans. Please, oh, please let this be true.

Kyle Trask is the ideal opponent for the Buccaneers

Sean Payton seems too intelligent to let something like this happen, but this is the same coach that has allowed his love affair with a gadget player to put the cap situation in a dicey spot. Saints fans will stand on desks and scream that the team hasn’t been gutted, but eventually, we’ll all have to acknowledge the writing on the wall.

Bringing in Trask to a room that Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill lead feels like a comedy waiting to happen. If prior performances are any indication, none of the three options are ready to start in 2021, and a draft investment of any value in Trask would be hilarious.

By all measurements and tape, Trask is a less accurate, less talented version of Mac Jones. Jones is barely the fifth-best quarterback in the class, and both of the Heisman quarterback finalists were the products of great receivers, not the other way around. The fact that the Saints could see Trask as anything other than a career backup should be music to Todd Bowles’ ears.

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Trask isn’t a great athlete, doesn’t have an NFL-ready arm, and he wouldn’t have a proven veteran to learn behind for a few years in New Orleans. The Saints would be using a premium pick on a quarterback to make their situation better, but they are only plugging the hole with more water in reality.

The Buccaneers definitely don’t want Kyle Trask on their team, but it sure would be nice for him to still end up in the NFC South.

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