Could the Buccaneers start the season without outside free agents?

James White, New England Patriots, free agent option for the Buccaneers(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
James White, New England Patriots, free agent option for the Buccaneers(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers could avoid outside free agents altogether at this rate.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been very busy so far this offseason. Their free agency period has been highly productive, but all the players have come from just one team; their own.

Tampa has been able to accomplish the unthinkable in their endeavors to keep the band together after winning the Super Bowl a few months ago, and every starter from last season is back for a chance to repeat in 2021.

The one area that has been neglected is the outside free-agent market. The Buccaneers don’t need much with their current starters considered, but it is still surprising that they didn’t see anyone else from a different team as a good option.

The Buccaneers had plenty of options in free agency

Look at James White, for example. The Bucs are clearly looking for a running back in the draft market, but they have still not addressed a consistent pass-catching back. White has a history with Tom Brady and re-signed with New England on an extremely cheap contract, so holding off made little sense.

In addition to White, there are plenty of players across the league that could help out Tampa while also getting the chance to chase a ring. While it is difficult to repeat on a stage like the Super Bowl, the Bucs should have their pick of a vast range of talented free agents to pull from that are willing to sacrifice money for the chance to play on a great team.

As it stands, the Bucs have only shown interest in a handful of these players, and there is a chance that they could go through this entire period without signing a single outside free agent.

There are currently no roles that need starters, and the cheapest depth with the highest upside would come from the 2021 NFL Draft, not from veteran free agents.

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This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the Buccaneers have all of their starters locked in, but it is surprising more than anything. There is still time for Jason Licht to make some moves to build up the roster, but the odds are worsening that many players get the call.

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