2021 NFL Draft: Buccaneers would be lucky to land QB Justin Fields

Justin Fields, 2021 NFL Draft option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Justin Fields, 2021 NFL Draft option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers would be more than happy to land Justin Fields.

Chris Simms’ most recent mock draft should be next to impossible. The idea that Justin Fields could sink all the way to the end of the first round and past plenty of QB-needy teams is flat-out laughable, but the Buccaneers wouldn’t hate this contingency.

Fields is the second-best quarterback in this class by almost every metric. Even Zach Wilson doesn’t have the physical tools or history that Fields does, and Mac Jones is on a completely different planet.

The backing behind Fields’ dramatic drop remains to be seen, and it could be on the heels of a misinformation campaign, but he still shouldn’t drop all the way to the end of the first round.

Justin Fields would be a dream come true for the Buccaneers

Teams like the Steelers, Patriots, and several others that aren’t ready to compete for a Super Bowl now could use a rookie quarterback that could pan out as a franchise option down the road, so thinking that almost every team in the league would pass on Fields makes little sense.

In any case, this would still be a dream scenario for the Buccaneers. Very few teams get franchise quarterbacks that the rest of the league passes on, and Fields would be an opportunity like this to a degree that hasn’t been seen in the modern era.

Lamar Jackson sank to the end of the first round, but there were more questions in his game than Fields. Fields is a better thrower than Jackson today with a similar level of athleticism, so this drop is likely the product of GMs and analysts overthinking the pick more than anything.

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If the Bucs had a chance to take Fields, you can rest assured that they would make this happen without a second thought. Tom Brady is only on the roster for a little longer, and taking a dominant quarterback with all of the talent to lead an NFL team at the end of the first round hurts no one.

Fields may hope for a team that can get him on the field sooner than the Bucs, but this opportunity would be a wildest dream come true for Tampa.

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