Buccaneers: Correcting “pros” bad draft grades for team

Joe Tryon draft annoucement (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Joe Tryon draft annoucement (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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K.J. Britt, Auburn Tigers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

LB KJ Britt, Auburn

KJ Britt is likely that fourth piece in the Bucs inside linebacker group. No doubt he will have to make his name on special teams and it is pretty likely that he won’t see a lot of playing time, even as a backup. But as with many of Tampa’s picks, there is also a look toward the future.
Not one of these players had to come to the team as any kind of starting player. They played out well enough for the Bucs to choose them. But they have a lot more in mind for Britt than just backing up Lavonte David.
“Obviously we like the fact that he played big-time ball at an SEC school, and we’ve had some success with Auburn kids on the roster, especially on the defensive side of the ball,” said Buccaneers Director of Player Personnel John Spytek in an interview with Scott Smith, senior writer and editor for the Bucs.

CB CJ Wilcox, BYU

Tall and fast, just the way the Bucs want their cornerbacks. At 6’2” and running a sub 4.4 40-yard dash, Wilcox will help on special teams and also has the length it takes to handle big receivers in the NFL. Time will tell about this player, but the Bucs have shown they know how to choose cornerbacks and this likely will not be an exception. The Buccaneers again, don’t have a great need at any position, but picking up another Corner can’t be all bad.
It’s a good thing for all of these draft choices not to have to fill a big role right away. But expect Wilcox to shine on special teams. He has the speed to get downfield in a hurry, and the size and length to ensure he gets things done.

LB Grant Stuard, Houston

While the rest of the league views him as Mr. Irrelevant, be sure that Tampa doesn’t. To the Buccaneers, Stuard is, simply, pick 259. Still, he comes with an average of 8.7 tackles per game at Houston in 2020. And, while he’s the newest Mr. Irrelevant on the team, if he can perform like the other Mr. Irrelevant, placekicker Ryan Succop, he’ll have a great career and may even be able to retire.
How the Bucs choose to use Stuard is another thing. No doubt, special teams are on the horizon. And, while the Bucs have a pretty solid linebacker room, there is always room for another player. Injuries can happen quickly at linebacker.

If we look at the selections that Tampa made and keep in mind the oft-cited yet never applied the idea that they brought back their entire Super Bowl LV championship starting team, plus Antonio Brown, it’s hard to figure how the choices could be so down rated.  Tampa’s head shed seemed to do pretty well, nabbing two potential Hall of Famers in their first two picks,  surely that should influence the grades their choices make this time.  It seems we ought to trust their draft class, as the past two seemed to be pretty good.  Don’t believe it? That’s okay too. This just us more to discuss over the next several months.