Buccaneers: Drafting some ‘Britt’ and determination

K.J. Britt, Auburn Tigers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
K.J. Britt, Auburn Tigers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue building the team by drafting some ‘Britt’ and determination, in Linebacker K.J. Britt out of Auburn University.

Let’s get to know Britt, The Buccaneers’ newest fifth-round draftee. When it comes to smarts, Britt fits the bill.

Britt has a degree in business from Auburn University and made the SEC Academic Honor Roll, AND served on the Student-Athlete Honor Leadership Council. But wait, there’s more. When it comes to athleticism, Britt fits that bill as well. He just happened to be a four-star recruit coming out of high school.

So when the Bucs drafted him with 176th pick in the Draft, they ended up with more than just a smart, athletic linebacker to back up Lavonte David and Devin White. They got the full package with a high IQ, athletic, yet highly determined prospect who will make the most of his opportunity with this NFL franchise. You couldn’t ask more out of a draftee than the grit and determination Britt will bring to this Tampa Bay defense.

NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein said this of Britt:

"“Ultra-aggressive inside linebacker with densely muscled frame and a throwback demeanor. His alpha personality is on display whether on defense or on special teams. He plays a downhill, attacking style that can clog run lanes, but also causes him to lose sight of the ball and get trapped behind blocks…..he lacks the desired sideline-to-sideline range, but when he hits, opponents definitely feel it.”"

His shortcomings will be addressed by defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and his crew, but with the down and dirty determination Britt has shown, as well as his football IQ, I see no reason he can’t correct any of those issues. Starting out in special teams is most likely where he’ll be until he can prove he deserves to back up White and David, consistently, although we may see that sooner than later.

When it comes to what you look for in a draftee, Britt has all the “Britt and Determination” coaches and general managers are searching for. There are some things you can’t teach, and Britt has those traits already. Now look for him to be coached up on the skills you can teach and the Bucs may have found a solid backup, and maybe soon-to-be dual linebacker threat with Devin White after Lavonte David retires.

K.J. Britt’s grit and determination will allow him to be the best he can be, and why he got drafted. He should make the most of this extraordinary opportunity. The Bucs will make it happen.