Buccaneers: Goodbye Julio Jones, not in our school yard

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Julio Jones is finally done running wild over the Buccaneers.

So Julio is a Titan. Good news for the Buccaneers, thank goodness he’s out of the NFC South. For once, there’s a FA change from another team that the Buccaneers can be happy about.
How happy are they? Happy enough to change the lyrics to that old Paul Simon song:

Papa Bruce Arians rolled out of bed and ran to the computer station
When Todd Bowles found out he began to shout
And that started the Bucs’ celebration.
He is out and gone, he is out and gone
What Uncle Bruce saw was Julio out and gone.
Coach Bowles looked down and spit on the ground
Every time his name was mentioned,
And the defense said, oy, no more Julio Jones
He is now in the house of the Titans.
Well, he’s on his way,
We don’t care where he’s going
He’s on his way,
Goodbye to Jones, the former king of Atlanta,
Sending Julio Jones out of the schoolyard
Sending Julio Jones out of the schoolyard.
Whoa, in a couple of months
He’ll take it to some new chumps
And the press will cover his streak
And the radical safety will see him released,
and they’re all on the ESPN highlights.
But we’ll be on our way,
Another SB looming,
We’re on our way
We all know where we’re going,
We’re on our way,
Singing Julio’s a Titan and out of the NFC South.

The Buccaneers were already a force of nature in the NFC South before this move, but the loss of one of the best offensive opponents in the division helps plenty.

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While you never want to focus on opponents too much during a season like this one, it’s nice to see other teams take a step back when the Bucs are moving forward.

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