Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no pressing free agent needs in 2021

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers currently don’t need any new players.

At this point in every offseason, teams take time to evaluate their needs leading into the regular season. As the defending Super Bowl champs, the Buccaneers need to make sure their roster is ready to go in 2021, and that may mean no more free agent additions.

Yes, for once, the Bucs don’t have any pressing needs going into a season and they have nothing to address on the free agent market. It just happens to help that this team is coming off of one of the best seasons in franchise history.

After winning the Super Bowl and going through the start of free agency by bringing back all of their starters from the previous season, Tampa was able to fix their remaining holes in the 2021 NFL Draft.

With a solid mix of rookies and veterans to fill their depth chart, the Bucs don’t need to go after any big names leading up to the start of the regular season.

There are absolutely some big names that would help Tampa, but there aren’t any pressing needs for now. If any injuries occur over the next few weeks or during the early weeks of camp, the Bucs may try to make a move, but even their depth is currently very good.

This is uncharted territory for the Buccaneers. The recent success has been a stark change from the decade of mediocrity that preceded the Tom Brady era, and the ability to keep so much talent on the team after winning the Super Bowl is a new high for the franchise.

Bruce Arians and company have written the perfect script to following up a Super Bowl victory, even if that means that the excitement of free agency ended a little earlier in Tampa.

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The Bucs may still want to go after some big names in the coming weeks to sell jerseys and keep the roster ready to repeat, but they would be making these moves because they want to not because they have to.

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