Patriots need to rethink their Tom Brady plans in 2021

The Patriots need to show Tom Brady plenty of respect when he returns in 2021. 

The return of Tom Brady to Foxborough is already being talked about as one of the best games on the schedule for the 2021 NFL season. After Tom Brady spent two full decades with his former team, it’s hard to compare what it will look like when Pats fans see their old quarterback show up in a Buccaneers jersey.

Everyone has already seen plenty of Brady in pewter and red, but it is an entirely different story when he returns home in brand new threads.

While some fans would be quick to dismiss this as just another moment for a team like the Pats that is trying to rebuild their identity without the best player in NFL history, Brady’s return means much more than that.

Without Brady, the Patriots dynasty would’ve never dominated the league for 20 years. Bill Belichick and plenty of other players and executives would have very different careers without their Hall of Fame quarterback, and they need to show him the proper respect when he returns.

The Pats obviously don’t have to take it easy on Brady or anything like that during the game, but there should already be plans in place to celebrate the GOAT when he returns home. Except, some of the Patriots don’t share the sentiment that they should on someone who did so much for them.

Byron Cowart, a former teammate of Brady, was quick to dismiss any celebration of players that aren’t currently on the Patriots on the Patriots Way of Life podcast. Should we cancel the tribute now?

This is likely just a tactic to stay ready before a pivotal matchup for the Patriots, and there isn’t a Pats fan alive that should do anything other than clap for the best player in franchise history when he comes home to dominate the head coach that “made him.”

The Patriots have gotten more from Brady than most teams get from all their players combined in franchise history, so win or lose during week four, Foxborough better be cheering for Tom Brady from the beginning of the inevitable video tribute to start the game until the final whistle blows.

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