Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Super Bowl rings will be on fingers tonight

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will at long last be receiving their championship rings for defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV tonight. It’ll be the second such ceremony for the Buccaneers in their franchise’s history.

The Bucs haven’t exactly had the greatest of histories compared to the rest of the NFL. So, this whole “getting rings” thing isn’t exactly a familiar concept. Of course, with Tom Brady at quarterback, playing better at 43 than he was at 23, and the team around him, it may become the new norm.

This isn’t exactly Brady’s first rodeo when it comes to getting his Super Bowl ring. In fact, it’ll be his seventh rodeo. He’s a real cowboy when it comes to this stuff. Speaking of which, he’s been looking forward to opening night, in this case against the Dalls Cowboys, since about an hour after Super Bowl LV ended. The excitement is certainly there, but maybe bot to the level of the younger players, such as Antoine Winfield Jr., who himself has been looking forward to this since the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV.


Super Bowl rings seem to get more and more elaborate and extravagant to the point of being gratuitously massive, but that’s almost the point. The NFL is all about pageantry and showmanship at the end of the day.

The great thing about this ring-receiving hootenanny is that all 22 starters, plus a little on the side, that will be receiving their rings will be taking the field in 2021 in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ attempt to in their words “go for two” as Super Bowl champions. The reigning, defending, undisputed champions of the NFL are in arguably a better position to repeat than any defending champion before them have ever been in.

The Bucs aren’t going anywhere, and with Brady having a healthy knee and the rest of the team having an actual offseason to get fully acclimated, the NFL should find that out real quick, and it all starts with “ringing” in the new season tonight. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

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