Madden 22 has only rated two Buccaneers players right so far

Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Sometimes people disagree with Madden rankings because it is the popular thing to do, but it makes sense when looking at the ratings for the Buccaneers.

In a day and age where people dislike things just for the sake of hating for clicks, it’s usually a better idea to keep your opinions to yourself. Madden has caught an extra level of flak from its fanbase in recent years, but it’s easy to see why with their recent ratings for the Buccaneers.

The Bucs are a small market team, so we’re used to them not getting the due respect from the media, but when we play Madden, we want that to be as true to life as possible.

Unfortunately, as we are quickly learning, Madden gets some players right, but the majority of ratings seem to be based on popularity rather than anything else.

The injustices against the Buccaneers are rather egregious other than two, which are almost impossible to miss.

Wide receivers

Mike Evans being beneath Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, and Amari Cooper is a massive oversight. Thomas had a terrible season last year and is only there from the remarkable 2019 season, Allen is only a better route runner than Evans, and the Buccaneer WR1 has no business being lower than Cooper in any category.

Also, where is Chris Godwin? If Thomas makes the list off of 2019, shouldn’t Godwin too?

Edge rushers

No Shaquil Barrett almost feels intentional. J.J. Watt at a 94 when he has fewer games played in the last two seasons than Barrett has sacks is hilarious. Nick Bosa above Barrett after the former played only a handful of snaps last season is also falt-out disrespectful.


Carlton Davis is one of the best man corners in the NFL, and we’re sick of hearing otherwise. How Darius Slay made this list with his one interception, six passes defended and 111.9 passer rating allowed in 2020 above Davis begs some serious questions about ratings.


No Devin White. That alone makes the list irrelevant, especially when considering how well White fits into the game.

Here is the whole Twitter feed for those who want to see all of the ratings so far.

What Madden got right for the Buccaneers

Tom Brady and Lavonte David are the only two Buccaneers so far that have ratings that are true to life. Brady is a 97 and the second-best quarterback in the game, and David is the second-best linebacker with a 93 rating.

The two alone may not be enough to offset some of the disrespectful ratings at the other positions, but they do show that Brady and David are too big to get pulled down by the media agenda of keeping the Buccaneers in the dark.

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More ratings are on their way, but Bucs fans shouldn’t hold their breath for the best team in the game, even though the Buccaneers are in real life. If you want to play the game with an accurate representation of the real world, there may be more than a few Bucs players that you will need to bump up manually.

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