Buccaneers: Antonio Brown inches closer to WR1 for 2021

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown is still one of the newest wide receivers for the Buccaneers, but he could end the 2021 season as the best.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of training camp. The Jaelon Darden stories make it seem like he may be a starter during the regular season, and while this is not entirely out of the question game to game, he does still need to actually play in a preseason game first.

Much like the Darden hype, there is another player that is turning heads at a breakneck pace in camp; Antonio Brown.

Brown was not the most popular signing by the Buccaneers last season due to some of his off-field concerns, but his chemistry with Tom Brady was undeniable.

Antonio Brown will be a monster for the Buccaneers in 2021

Despite not having any time to learn the playbook during the offseason and coming onto the team during the middle of the year, Brown never missed a beat, and he played a prominent role en route to the Super Bowl.

It was a no-brainer for the Bucs to bring Brown back on such a cheap deal, and now, it looks like they’re being rewarded for their decision.

Training camp is not the regular season or the perfect litmus test for how a player will fare when the rubber meets the road, but Antonio Brown is making a case as the best receiver on the team with the best receiving corps in the NFL.

No matter what he is asked to do, Brown is dominating his competition convincingly. Whether the routes are deep, intermediate, or short, AB is playing with the same confidence and dominance he showed back when he was on the Steelers.

Based on recent seasons and some serious character concerns, it may be easy for some fans to forget just how good AB was for the vast majority of his career. Still, it will be impossible to forget that any longer as Brown looks like he has returned to the Hall of Fame form that he showcased during the 2010s.

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Mike Evans and Chris Godwin will still play essential roles for the Buccaneers in 2021 as well, but it never hurts to have three receivers that can all serve as the primary option at any given time.

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