Buccaneers: Two plays define Khalil Davis at training camp

Khalil Davis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Khalil Davis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /

Khalil Davis is taking the proper steps with the Buccaneers.

One of the biggest selling points for this Buccaneer team is the young depth that is evenly distributed across the roster. While the big-name players are the obvious draw for now, the young players will put the franchise in a great position down the road.

Building through the draft is the name of the game for Jason Licht and Bruce Arians. The franchise has been able to address both sides of the ball successfully in all rounds of the draft, and no player could define this better than defensive lineman Khalil Davis.

Davis didn’t have a breakout rookie year due to the impressive depth that was ahead of him on the roster, but that doesn’t mean he was a miss. A player like Davis should be happy for the opportunity to learn behind some of the best linemen in the league before he steps up to the plate, and it is evident that he has been taking great notes as an observer.

Training camp is an equal opportunity for every player to show off what they can do, and show off Khalil Davis has.

According to a tweet by The Pewter Report, Davis beat Ali Marpet in back-to-back reps in linemen drills. No one needs us to explain why that is such a big deal.

Marpet is the best lineman on the Buccaneers. In fact, Marpet is arguably the best guard in the NFL, and the fact that he hasn’t been an All-Pro for the past few seasons is criminal.

Regardless of the disrespect towards the Buccaneers by the national media, Davis beating one of the best players on the team twice already makes this training camp a success for him.

This is the equivalent of dunking over Shaq twice. Or getting two hits against Jacob deGrom. If you can beat one of the best players in the sport at their own game two reps in a row, you’ve built up a decent amount of support for your name going forward, regardless of how you play immediately after the fact.

If Khalil Davis can beat one of the best guards in football in practice and prove it isn’t a fluke, fans can bet on the fact that he will get more reps in the regular season than he did last year after his recent performance.

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The Buccaneers don’t have any open starting roles for now, but Davis can carve out a decent role as a rotational guy for now with the chance to eventually challenge for a featured spot if he keeps playing like he has.

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