Buccaneers: 3 newcomers to watch in the preseason opener

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Joe Tryon (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Joe Tryon (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /
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We’re all excited to see the returners take the field for the Buccaneers after winning the Super Bowl, but the newcomers are also worth keeping an eye on.

The Buccaneers are taking the field against another NFL team for the first time since winning the Super Bowl. The roster remains intact due to some extremely impressive offseason moves by the front office, and seeing Tom Brady take the field again with the rest of the team will truly signify the return of football.

The starters should get a few reps during the start of the game, but no one ever expects to watch the vets play for long in a game like this. Bruce Arians will use this time to see what the team has in their rookies and newcomers, and there are plenty of players like that to focus on.

Between draft picks and free-agent signings, the Bucs have done plenty to build more depth to use as needed during their campaign to return to the Super Bowl, and these players should do plenty tonight to show off.

Joe Tryon

Everyone wants to know how Tryon will do when the rubber meets the road. The rookie pass rusher is one of the most athletic players on the roster and in a decent position to play a rotational role in 2021, and these games will show just how ready Tryon is.

Even if he is already set up to be the third guy on the roster regardless of the rest of camp, Tryon should still get a decent amount of playing time tonight to see if he can dominate opposing teams as much as he has done in practice.