Tom Brady is the only way to make the Buccaneers offense fun

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Buccaneers need Tom Brady back on the field for all offensive reps.

Preseason games aren’t supposed to be fun. The games don’t matter, and their main focus is on making the team better for the regular season, but even then. That game last night was one of the worst for the Buccaneers in a long time.

That loss to the Titans means almost nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it does reveal several telling aspects of this roster in the future. As some fans may look at depth players and try to figure out who will make the jump from preseason player to starter down the line, we can all rest assured knowing Tom Brady is the only option at quarterback going forward.

It isn’t a question anymore. Blaine Gabbert isn’t the future of this team, contrary to Jason Licht’s impossible belief that he can one day be a starter again. Ryan Griffin has overstayed his welcome on a regular-season roster, and Kyle Trask is already starting to flash a bit too much of the Jameis Winston downside without much of the upside.

Regardless of who is in at quarterback, if it isn’t Tom Brady, the offense isn’t going to be fun to watch. The preseason may not be the best time to judge this, but 17 points in two games is horrific for a team like the Bucs, even with their backups in the game.

Drops have been a killer for the Buccaneers depth receivers, but the quarterbacks haven’t been infallible either. In the past two games, Buccaneer quarterbacks are 39/82 on passing attempts (47.5% completion rate).

None of the other quarterbacks look comfortable in the pocket, nor should we expect them to. Griffin and Gabbert are backups at their peak, and Trask has shown little about where he projects for now, but the jury is still out.

The starters should get more reps in the upcoming game, which will be a welcomed change from the snoozefests we’ve slept through so far, but the past two games should show everyone exactly how the Bucs would look with anyone other than Tom Brady at the helm.

Please keep him protected.

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