Jameis Winston: Former Buccaneers QB close to starting again in NOLA

New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston, former quarterback for the Buccaneers Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston, former quarterback for the Buccaneers Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports /

Former Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston is close to a starting job again.

Jameis Winston may not play for the Buccaneers, but it’s hard not to find people within the fanbase that still care deeply about what their former quarterback is doing. Strangely enough, it feels like there is a vast number of “Buccaneers fans” that are pulling for their division rival when Winston is on the field, which is extremely strange.

Regardless of why, Winston and his dedicated fanbase will grow extra happy this week when he finally earns the starting job in New Orleans. The Saints have probably known that Winston was the answer for some time now, but the game against the Jaguars tonight should show everyone who the better quarterback is, as if there was any question.

Winston and Hill are entirely different players. From the foundation of their game up, both quarterbacks have very different skill sets that make this decision deeper than initially thought, but not more difficult.

Jameis Winston is a better quarterback than Taysom Hill. End of discussion. Regardless of the decision Sean Payton makes, this fact does not change. Hill doesn’t have the distance, zip, or many of Winston’s overall strengths as a passer, but he can build his game through other means.

Hill is far more versatile than Winston, but that is not always an attractive trait when it comes at the cost of fundamental NFL arm strength. The difference between Winston and Hill throwing the ball deep is strikingly different, but Hill can pick up yards with his legs that Winston cant, although Winston isn’t immobile either.

The New Orleans offense doesn’t need deep shots or a huge arm to win, as evidenced by their immense success under an injured Drew Brees and their 3-1 record with Hill last season, but coaches like Payton don’t make it this far by favoring players like Hill.

Payton’s inexplicable obsession with Hill has already caused fans and analysts alike to scratch their heads, and when all else is held constant, Winston has still looked like the better quarterback in the preseason games.

If Winston comes out tonight and puts together a positive drive with a few big throws, the job should be his. The Saints become substantially easier to beat for the Bucs if Hill is the starter, so this does cause a strange dichotomy for those fans that support Winston and Tampa Bay, but one way or another, the starting job is his to lose.

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