Buccaneers: Grant Stuard ready to show value through special teams

Grant Stuard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Grant Stuard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie linebacker Grant Stuard knows his best shot at making the final roster is through special teams, and he’s ready to prove it on Saturday during the Buccaneers final preseason game.

When the Bucs drafted Stuard out of the University of Houston in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft, he knew he had his work cut out for him. Stuard was the Buccaneers’ final draft selection, and the second in the seventh round. He was also the second linebacker they drafted behind Auburn’s K.J. Britt in the fifth round. It also didn’t help Sutard’s case that the Bucs already have the best linebacker tandem in the NFL in Lavonte David and Devin White.

Thus far in the preseason, Britt has played well, as has reserve linebacker Joe Jones who has a pick-six on his preseason resume. They are more likely than not Stuard’s primary competition when it comes to making the final 53-man roster. Stuard however has also shown flashes this preseason.

He is quite hard to miss. He has his array of armbands and his flowing locks that flies around as he flies around the field making tackles. Just look at the picture for this article. He’s moving so fast the picture is blurry but the hair remains perfect. To quote Dodgeball “feathered and lethal”. The best avenue for Stuard to make the Buccaneers’ final 53-man roster is through special teams, and he knows that. Not only does he know that he feels comfortable with it.

When talking about special teams, Stuard mentioned how he gravitated towards it all the way back in high school. A stud high school player (obviously) Stuard realized it was all about the effort, which is why he felt hooked. It’s a great sign that the man loves effort because it’s going to take all the effort he has.

Stuard has shown that he doesn’t lack effort but also doesn’t lack confidence. He knows he is a dominant special teams player and is ready to prove it on Saturday when the Buccaneers take on the Houston Texans. Stuard says that he doesn’t want to be “just another guy” on the special teams unit either. He wants to be a “dude” on the unit.

Stuard is hungry. If all goes to plan, it looks like the Buccaneers may have just found a psycho madman for their special teams unit, which is something every team needs at least one or two of. Watch out for Grant Stuard and remember the name as the preseason comes to a close.