Buccaneers: NFC South becomes harder with Jameis Winston news

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers will face off with Jameis Winston as a starter this year.

First things first, don’t let anyone confuse you with the idea that the Buccaneers are anything less than the overwhelming favorites in the NFC South. Tampa has all of the pieces and the best coaching staff, so dramatic changes in those expectations shouldn’t be expected from one small roster change in New Orleans. Still, Jameis Winston as the starter, according to Adam Schefter, complicates matters slightly.

It is important not to get caught up in “preseason Jameis.” Yes, he has looked fantastic in two preseason games, but that is still not the regular season or against the best competition.

Bucs fans have already experienced the highs and lows of a season with Winston at the helm full time, and we all know that with as many fantastic games, there comes some downright terrible games.

Unfortunately, even at his worst, Winston is still ten times the quarterback that Taysom Hill is. Hill looked like the favorite to take over from Brees at the end of last season, and that would’ve been a dream come true in Tampa.

Hill is the less athletic, weak-armed version of Lamar Jackson. The comparison is disrespectful to the former MVP, and the Buccaneer defense would have dominated Hill in 2021.

Regardless of if you worry about Winston or not, it is impossible to deny that he is still a far better version of what the Bucs could’ve seen under center had Sean Payton made the wrong decision. Those great games are there for Winston; they aren’t there for Hill.

Even if Winston is playing at his peak, this defense is still more than equipped to put him in some uncomfortable positions in the regular season because while those good games are possible, those bad games will be too.

Maybe the Bucs can get Winston to throw a few more of his patented interceptions this season. Perhaps the former starter in Tampa hasn’t thrown his last touchdowns to the Buccaneers after all.

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