Buccaneers: Perfect fit on the waiver wire to target ASAP

Marvin Wilson, waiver option for the Buccaneers (Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports)
Marvin Wilson, waiver option for the Buccaneers (Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports) /

Even teams like the Buccaneers need to be active on the waiver wire.

Making cuts is the least fun part of the NFL, but getting cut is not the end of a career in football. Plenty of players will get some of the worst news of their life over the next day, but for some of these players, a second call will come too.

This call may not be the one that most waited their whole lives for, but a chance in the NFL isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Practice squad players are essential, even if it isn’t a glamorous role, and the gig isn’t all that bad either.

The Buccaneers probably already have a few players on their roster that they would like to clear waivers to get back for their own squad, and there is also a chance that players on other teams could fall as far as the Bucs as well.

Few players have experienced such a dramatic fall from grace as much as FSU defensive lineman Marvin Wilson, but there is a way for Tampa to use this to their advantage.

Wilson was projected to be as high as a first-round pick over a year ago, but injuries and a weaker final season on a bad FSU team were enough to tank Wilson’s draft stock. After signing with the Browns as a UDFA. Wilson’s time in Cleveland is up, but that doesn’t mean a team like the Buccaneers can’t build a physical defensive lineman into what they need going forward.

Todd Bowles is the perfect coach for a player like Wilson. The Bucs may love their depth on the defensive line right now, but there are always players worth looking at on the practice squad. Wilson would give the Bucs decent looks in practice, but it would also give Tampa time to determine what his role can be down the line.

Obviously, there are some questions in Wilson’s game and health after his recent ordeals, but coaches like Bowles know how to help players overcome those struggles.

Wilson has a great frame and enough positive variables that he has put on tape that this chance should be too great to pass up for most of the league ahead of the Buccaneers on the waiver wire, but if the stars align, the Bucs should take a chance on another player from the state of Florida.

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