Buccaneers become second NFL team to be fully vaccinated

Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers continue to stand at the top of the NFL.

As the rest of the country bickers over whether to take the vaccine or not, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to not have much hesitation as it’s been reported that they are the second team to have every player, coach, and personnel member of the organization fully vaccinated.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 will still remain a re-occurring issue during the 2021 season as the Delta variant continues to make its way through the country, so it would appear the Bucs are taking every precaution to minimize their risks.

While the vaccine has been shown to provide a solid defense against serious cases, transmission is still very possible as evidenced by the players on the Bucs currently out on quarantine for COVID, including starting defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. That being the case, the Bucs will surely need to continue taking whatever precautions they can to keep everyone healthy for a repeat run at the Super Bowl.

Despite league-wide issues last year, the Bucs found a way to effectively get through the season with minimal losses due to Covid-19 quarantines. This, in no small part, helped them continue to improve and win all season since they weren’t losing major players every week.

It would also appear to be a promising sign of the mindset of Bucs players who still seem razor-focused after their Super Bowl championship. The culture of the team appears to be focused on winning and doing whatever needs to be done in order to maximize their chances of doing that every Sunday.

Ensuring that everyone in the organization is vaccinated and healthy is just one more way they can try and get an edge over potential opponents on a weekly basis.

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