Buccaneers: The impossibly wrong takes on Tom Brady in Week 1

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady just played one of the best games of his Buccaneers career. Somehow, people still miss the mark examining the GOAT.

The Buccaneers just won a hard-fought game against the Dallas Cowboys in the first step of a long 2021 campaign to get back to the Super Bowl. Tampa has a tough path ahead to reaching this lofty goal, but having Tom Brady as your starting quarterback is a great way to ease doubts.

Brady wasn’t the only player who made this team good last season, but he did play a massive role in turning over a new leaf with a franchise that desperately needed a change. Brady brought new talent and a new identity and having a year to bring these new additions together certainly helped.

The Buccaneer offense looked good last Thursday, but Tom Brady looked great. The unit would’ve posted more points if it abandoned the run on first down, but Brady was still able to compile 379 yards and four touchdowns on 50 passes. Not too bad for a 44-year old, huh?

While that stat line looks great and Brady looked even better in the game, the boxscore watchers and those eagerly watching for the end of Brady’s career point to two interceptions as a detraction against this stellar performance.

Let’s look at those interceptions here and see just how bad they were for Brady and his performance.

The easiest pick to explain away is the one that hit Leonard Fournette in the hands, bounced up, and then ended up in the defender’s possession. Anyone who puts that pick on Brady for one second has a limited understanding of the game.

The other interception came in the closing seconds of the first half. Brady and the Bucs got within Hail Mary distance and took a shot. It didn’t work out, and the Cowboys came down with the ball as time expired.

Again, based on the situation, it is hard to count this pick against Brady. Yes, he did throw an interception, but it was simply a shot in the dark to see what happened. It’s better than running the ball up the middle to let time expire, as it at least gives you the chance to score points.

Either way, Brady was on the hook for one pick at most in this game, but even that is a stretch by those with a biased agenda against Brady and the best team in the NFL.

After the smallest amount of careful evaluation, most fans can quickly come to the realization that Brady did next to nothing wrong in that game, and despite the picks, it was one of the best of his Buccaneer career.

At this point, Bucs fans are used to it. No one likes the champs, and even fewer people like the guy that never stops winning, but if you want to come for Tom Brady, you best come prepared with something more than weak box score statistics in your argument.

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