Buccaneers: Tom Brady out for blood in return to Foxboro

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is all business when it comes to his long-awaited, and much hyped, return to Foxboro to play his former team, the New England Patriots, and has no time to reminisce about the past.

All anyone in the NFL world can talk about this week leading up to Sunday is the Buccaneers-Patriots game. The return of Brady to the house he, and if last season is any indication to a lesser extent Bill Belichick, built Gillette Stadium. The past meets the present, and both sides have plenty of motivation. However Brady, the most motivated human on the planet, is all business and has no time for all of that ballyhoo.

Brady told Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald on the “Let’s Go!” podcast that he’ll have plenty of time to reminisce, probably when he’s 50, and that now isn’t the time. He also isn’t expecting a homecoming from the Foxboro faithful, but that may not necessarily be as true. The point is, the man is wired different.

Brady has a lot of respect for his former coach of almost twenty years in Belichick, but he obviously has all the determination in the world to get the better of him. The Patriots have a good defense, but Brady is ready to pick them apart. The other factor in this is, Brady and the Bucs are coming off of a loss.

To put it lightly, Brady doesn’t lose a lot. The reason is, he’s uber-competitive, and takes his few losses personally, to make sure they don’t happen again. As if Brady didn’t have enough to prove when his Buccaneers take the field against the Patriots, now you add that in. We would suggest praying for the Patriots, but come on.

This will certainly be one of the most hyped regular season showdowns in recent memory, maybe ever, but Tom Brady, and one would assume Rob Gronkowski, doesn’t have time for all of that, and that’s great news for the Buccaneers.

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