Buccaneers are massive winners after passing on Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)
Jamal Adams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Buccaneers saved themselves by passing on Jamal Adams.

Jamal Adams and the Buccaneers looked like a great fit on paper when Adams requested a trade from the football black hole that is New York. The Bucs hadn’t invested in Antoine Winfield Jr. yet, Adams and Todd Bowles had a history together, and Tampa was still in a position to go all-in to win their second Super Bowl.

Adams even mentioned Tampa as one of the few destinations he would be ok with, and it seemed like the stage was set for him to reunite with his former head coach on the Buccaneers.
In the end, the Bucs decided to pass on Adams, which proved to be a miraculously clairvoyant decision.

Since joining the Seahawks, Adams has become the highest-paid safety in football, yet he struggles to do the primary jobs of a safety. Sack production like a full-time edge rusher stands out on paper, but Adams’ inability to perform in coverage since going to Seattle makes it very hard to appreciate his game.

Sure, there is some upside as a pass-rusher, but having a safety that is better at rushing the passer than they are at dropping into coverage defeats the purpose of the position. If that is where Adams excels, change his position. Adams has been a liability in coverage at more than one point this season, and the Seahawks have brought this upon themselves.

Adams has regressed over the past few seasons, and a decent chunk of that has to do with how the Seahawks use him. Pushing a player out of their rostered position into a gimmicky spot to increase production succeeds only on paper.

It’s like saying someone is the “best throwing wide receiver in the NFL” when they can’t catch. They can make cool plays, but you can’t rely on them to do the one job you need them to do the most.

Jamal Adams is still one of the most talented safeties in the NFL when it all clicks, but this was clearly not the missing piece the Buccaneers needed. By passing on Adams, the Bucs have three great safeties that are better in coverage and combine for a fraction of Adams’ salary, making it painfully clear to see how right the Bucs were to pass on the All-Pro when they did.

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