Buccaneers CB Richard Sherman continues to set example in the NFL

Richard Sherman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Richard Sherman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Richard Sherman is still setting an example for the rest of the NFL during his stop with the Buccaneers.

As one of the smartest and most successful players in NFL history, Richard Sherman has always lived at the forefront of discussion in the football world. Sherman has set an example that most players could only dream of following from the start, and the last few years have only helped to put his career in perspective.

The newest starting corner for the Buccaneers before his recent injury is already a lock for the Hall of Fame. Sherman is one of the best zone corners of all time, received numerous All-Pro and Pro Bowl acknowledgments, and is a Super Bowl champion. Looking back at the last decade, Sherman was also amongst a very small group that could claim to be the best corner of the 2010s.

Sherman epitomizes what it means to be a great player and leader on the field, and being able to remain one of the best corners in the sport at 31 as he did with San Francisco two years ago only adds to his legacy as a player.

Off the field, Sherman has also done plenty to blaze trails for other players to follow. Richard Sherman is famous for negotiating on his own behalf with the 49ers on a deal that paid him very well. Sherman gambled on himself and won, and this level of self-advocacy in the league will do a lot to change player-agent relations down the road.

In addition to the football side of things, Sherman’s arrest this past summer has given him a chance to tear away the veil surrounding players and their mental health. Sherman has been the first to admit what he did was wrong, but using this as a moment to grow and talk about a very serious topic allows other players to see how a leader handles such adversity.

This is also a perfect opportunity to explain just how wrong some fans are in assessing Sherman’s character based on this incident. The domestic violence part of Richard Sherman’s arrest, the main area that the misinformed focus on, had nothing to do with his wife but because the incident took place at his in-law’s house. This does not excuse breaking the law, but Sherman has handled the situation as a leader should. People make mistakes, even NFL superstars.

Regardless of those trying to use this narrative to reveal some hypocrisy in the Buccaneer organization, Sherman has been a model teammate, player, and leader during his time with the league and the Buccaneers.

Sherman’s podcast, which he is using to break barriers in a new way to introduce news about oneself rather than using the traditional media, is an excellent way for Sherman to continue growing his brand for life after football.

For a Buccaneer team that is very young, especially in the secondary, having a player like Richard Sherman to learn from is a blessing. There is no better teacher in a sport than someone who has played the game for as long as you’ve been able to play, and this young group will be better players and men from playing alongside Richard Sherman in such a pivotal season.

Check out The Richard Sherman Podcast if you haven’t had a chance yet. The business of former players creating podcasts is a popular one these days, and there is no one better to hear about the game from than Sherman.

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