Buccaneers: Why team should only wear white jerseys from now on

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

A strange pattern has developed pertaining to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning games. Oddly enough, it has to do with the color of the Buccaneers wear.

Uniforms tend to be a bit of a hot button issue in the world of sports. It’s especially true in football, since there’s helmets with designs included in the uniforms. One would think that the topic of uniforms with garner more discussion amongst fans, because at the end of the day players, coaches, and even owners come and go. The uniform however, and the logo, is what fans will always root for. Designs, logos, colors all change, but you always room for the team no matter the outfit.

In the case of the Buccaneers, their Creamsicle color jerseys were once football’s costume of futility as the Bucs were more commonly known as the “Yucks“ or the “Suckaneers“ whilst donning the kits. After design change, fortunes also changed. How convenient. Now, fans are excited to know that with the NFL’s “one helmet rule“ about to become a thing in the past, they’ll get to see the Creamsicle‘s with Bucco Bruce on the helmet once again. What’s old is new again, and throwbacks will always play. Well, almost.

Anyway, before Tom Brady came to Tampa Bay, the 2010s were a bit of a transitional decade with a, shall we say, “unique“ uniform choice for the team to wear during the stretch. Starting 2020, the Buccaneers second Super Bowl championship season, they went back to their second lock that brought the franchises longest stretch of success in the first place.

Now in 2021, a bit of a pattern has formed. Every time the Buccaneers wear their white uniforms, they win, dating all the way back to last year‘s playoff run. This season, when the Buccaneers wear pewter or red, they’ve lost. The last time the Bucs won a game not wearing white was when they defeated the Taylor Heinicke-lead Washington in the Wild Card round of the 2020 playoffs.

This being said, the Buccaneers should just wear white all the time. Yes, the uniforms are chosen at the beginning of each season, but it’s something to consider going forward. Heck, the Dallas Cowboys wear white at home, and pretty much every chance they get since their blues tend to bring bad luck. They rarely wear them, and it’s worth noting that they did this year, was when the Buccaneers defeated them on opening night of the 2021 season.

Fans will always be superstitious, especially in the NFL. There seems to be something to this though and it comes with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so why not just go all in?

For those keeping score at home, the Bucs are planning on wearing white in every remaining game this regular season except when they play the New York Giants, the Buffalo Bills, and their already much anticipated rematch with the New Orleans Saints. Hopefully Brady can defeat yet another law of both nature, and supernatural and this trend snaps. Especially when they have to wear right against the Saints again.

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