Buccaneers: Shannon Sharpe may have Bruce Arians figured out

Bruce Arians, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Bruce Arians, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Shannon Sharpe may have Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers figured out.

Bruce Arians deserves the benefit of the doubt with the Buccaneers. After playing such a large role in constructing this team and coaching it to the Super Bowl, no one should doubt what B.A. can do when he is in control, even in the questionable situations.

One such situation occurred after the loss to the Washington Football Team. After the game, Arians came out and placed the blame for both interceptions on Tom Brady. One of the throws was obviously terrible and went straight to the defense, but the other play had some fans scratching their heads.

Jaelon Darden looked like he completed the catch from Brady, but popped the ball up into the air after a tackle before going to the ground. A Washington defender then made the easiest catch of his career, and Brady’s stat column looked worse for the wear quickly.

These comments caught some flak from analysts and viewers alike who wondered how Brady should catch the blame for that throw, and while Arians did explain later on that he didn’t even see that play as an interception, Shannon Sharpe did have an interesting take on Bruce Arians’ style.

Arians may be hard on Brady, but Sharpe pointed out that being hard on your best player is exactly how the Bucs and the Patriots in the past found their success. Tom Brady gets the praise when the team wins, but he is often the first to get criticized when the team loses. That is life as the best player on the team, and Sharpe may be exactly right that this is how Bruce Arians sees the situation.

Based on the fact that Brady rarely makes huge mistakes, this would explain why sometimes it seems like Arians is nitpicking. You always have to find a way to keep your team locked in and ready to play, and if keeping Brady accountable for everything on the field helps the team play at the highest level, then Bruce Arians is right far more than he is wrong in this situation.

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