Buccaneers: Week eleven spoiler alert vs. New York Giants

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the New York Giants on prime time Monday Night Football. Here’s how the game will go for the Buccaneers.

When it comes to fortunetelling, and revealing the future in general, it really is a risky business. You get all these McFly‘s and Connor‘s who use that knowledge to change the outcome of the future to the benefit of whoever they may please. Such was the case last week, when the Bucs game against Washington went pretty much the opposite of how the spoiler alert foretold.

This week spoiler alert will be very similar to last weeks, only the outcome will not be affected as drastically. This is your official spoiler alert.

Hubris may have gotten in the way last week when it came to Washington, but when it comes to the Giants, hubris is here again . The thing is, everything we said last week leading up to Washington, is exacerbated leading up to this game on Monday night.

As we said numerous times in the past, Tom Brady, the most competitive athlete, nay, human being on the planet, and is motivated as ever. He was angry leading up to last week, with a bye week to think about the loss to the New Orleans Saints. Now, he has an extra loss to sit on and let boil as he get ready to face the Giants.

The entire world will be watching this game, as it is on Monday night football, and Brady is not one to be humiliated against an NFC East opponent in front of the world.

It’s easy for one to look at this and say, “you said the same thing with Washington and look what happened.“ To that we say, touché. However we will also say, is that the Giants are not Washington, and we do not mean that as a compliment. On paper, Washington still has a stout defense, just one that’s been underachieving so far in 2021. The Buccaneers were rusty coming off a bye week, even if historically Brady’s track record after such weeks has been pretty impeccable.

To put it kindly, the Giants do not have a stout defense, or team in general. Yes, they’ll have Saquon Barkley back, but the Bucs still have the league’s best rush defense, and have given up 718 yards on the ground to this point.

Despite all of the injuries to the Buccaneers, they should still overmatch, and overpower the Giants, who will bear the brunt of all this frustration in front of the world, and will be made an example of. This angry pirate ship lead by Captain Brady will roll back into Tampa Bay to face one of the teams from New York, apologies, New Jersey, and drop anchor comfortably to the tune of a 34-17 victory. Do with this information what you will.