Buccaneers make right decision on future for embattled players

Mike Edwards, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Mike Edwards, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers do not need to cut anyone in light of the recent suspensions.

The Buccaneers are currently the main character on the internet, which is something that everyone knows you don’t want to be.

It seems as though the entire NFL world is zeroing in on Antonio Brown, Mike Edwards, and their fake vaccine cards, which is not the story that most were expecting from this team at this point during a Super Bowl push.

Regardless, there are some fans calling for the Bucs to cut Antonio Brown due to this event not being his first transgression in the NFL, which is also causing other fans to want the same for safety Mike Edwards.

Instead, Bruce Arians and his coaching staff chose to make the right decision, and according to Greg Auman, Arians and company won’t make a decision on what happens to Edwards and Brown until after their suspension is up.

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If the Buccaneers really were upset about this and wanted to punish Brown and Edwards, they would’ve been gone yesterday. The Raiders didn’t wait to cut Henry Ruggs. They also didn’t wait on Damon Arnette. Teams don’t usually wait on these things if they are egregious, and while what Brown and Edwards did was wrong, the Bucs are making it clear that getting cut likely isn’t in the cards.

This will end up being the right decision when anyone realizes that Edwards and Brown give the team a better chance of winning. Almost every other aspect of this situation matters less when you boil the sport down to a business, and both players are very good for business.

Now, there may be other repercussions through the NFL or the government, and the Buccaneers may think twice about re-signing Brown again, but this shouldn’t impact anything in this current season. Tampa needs to focus on winning above all else right now, and getting past this event with a few wins against teams like the Falcons and Bills is a great place to start.

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