Tom Brady adds another record to the best career in sports

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady has further cemented his legacy as the best quarterback of all time.

At this point, it seems like Tom Brady breaks a new record every time he takes the field with the Buccaneers. When you combine a career as long as Brady’s with the high level of play he has maintained, you are bound to create a legacy that will be impossible to recreate.

It already seems like it will be impossible for anyone to play for as long as Brady. Does anyone actually believe that there will be many more players down the road that can play into their 40s while also staying in contention for the MVP?

The Super Bowl rings, individual accolades on the field, and overall level of play also make it so that Brady will be the benchmark of the best for a long time to come, and the records that he sets on a near-weekly basis will make it next to impossible to ever come close from a straight comparison standpoint.

As the Buccaneers thrashed the Bills in the first half of their matchup, Brady set the NFL record for career completions at 7,413 at 44 years old. Your faith is commendable if you believe that anyone else has the juice ever to come close to this.

To make the record even more impressive, the GOAT is showing no signs of slowing down. Brady is still playing at one of the highest levels of his career, and it seems like he should be able to maintain this pace (and several hundred completions per season) for at least a few more years, putting the record even further out of reach.

This record also comes as the icing on the cake for a career that has Brady leading the position in all-time touchdowns and passing yards, giving him the all-time lead in the three most important categories in the position.

As Bucs fans, we’re lucky to get to see this part of the GOAT’s career, and this likely won’t even be the last record we see Brady set during an impossible career.

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