Buccaneers need to call Hall of Fame WR after Chris Godwin injury

Larry Fitzgerald, free agent option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Larry Fitzgerald, free agent option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

It’s no secret to anyone that watched yesterday’s game that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense, and team for that matter, are in a great deal of trouble as a result of the onslaught of injuries facing their team currently. The frustration felt by the team, and most importantly Tom Brady, was not hard to recognize as the team struggled to get anything going Sunday night.

With the current state of the Bucs roster, they need a spark on the offensive side of the ball, especially since they will be looking to fill the void left by the season-ending injury to star wide receiver Chris Godwin, who has been having a monster year so far. The Bucs will need to do what they have done so successfully the last two years; look to the free agent market for talented veterans looking for a ring.

Given the circumstances, there seems to be no better option for the Bucs than to sign future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald.

Despite his age, his skill and knowledge of the game are still useful, especially for a team like the Bucs that are not demanding massive numbers from him. They simply need a player who can provide Brady with a credible and consistent threat so that he isn’t always dealing with trying to throw to a double-covered Mike Evans or squeezing a ball to Rob Gronkowski in risky situations.

Fitzgerald is a veteran that has done nearly everything a wide receiver can do in his career but win a ring, and saying yes to a chance to play with a QB like Brady is every receiver’s dream.

A move like this also makes sense when you take into account the fact that Fitzgerald already has experience both with Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich from their time in Arizona, so it’s not like there isn’t already a connection in place.

The Bucs need to make some sort of overture to Fitzgerald to at least test the waters because they don’t have anything to lose and potentially a lot to gain with his acquisition, especially if they are going to be a key man down during the most important part of the season.

Pick up the phone Jason Licht.

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