Antonio Brown puts Buccaneers on the hot seat with revealing statement

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Antonio Brown Buccaneers saga takes another turn.

Antonio Brown and the Buccaneers have burned a bridge that can never be repaired. There is no chance that Brown plays for this team again, and fans should certainly not hold their breath on both sides coming to any agreements.

For all intents and purposes, Brown is no longer a Buc, and the only reason why this is still a story is due to the implications on the Buccaneer coaching staff and Brown’s future. Someone here, perhaps on both sides, has messed up in a major way, and the NFL world is trying to figure out where the heck this all went wrong.

The Buccaneers were quick to respond to the situation with Bruce Arians explaining exactly what happened from his perspective. We’ve had to wait a few days, but Brown has finally broken his silence and explained his side, and it only muddies the water further.

Brown’s post was lengthy, but fans should check it out here:

In whole, the parts that stand out the most are Arians apparently cutting Brown for not being able to play while injured and the fact that Brown’s recent MRI shows legitimate structural damage. Anyone who has watched Arians has learned which type of coach he is and knows that he doesn’t just cut players for sitting out of a game, but the second part is interesting.

Brown actually being hurt has been a point of contention, especially with him skipping off the field, and anything proving that he was actually injured and that the staff was alerted to this fact would pose some questions about Tampa not having a plan in place for Antonio Brown leaving the game early.

Arians appeared to be caught off guard by the mention of an injury during the altercation in his press conference, so Brown and his camp being able to produce evidence (as they say they have) to the contrary would make this all the more interesting.

Again, Arians and the Bucs obviously do get the benefit of the doubt here, but knowing the full story before judging anyone is important. According to AB and his camp, the Bucs did more than they initially led on, and being able to prove this would give mountains of credibility to Brown, although his antics after he was cut are still unacceptable.

Hopefully more of this story is revealed for us in the coming days, and hopefully the Buccaneers end up on the right side of this ordeal.

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