Antonio Brown destroys remaining credibility in rant about the Buccaneers

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown is going after the Buccaneers for trusting in him and giving him a chance? Strange.

The Antonio Brown scorched earth campaign against the Buccaneers is officially in full swing, and after a few days where it seemed like Brown would be able to create some doubt about his future in the NFL, his comments today have likely destroyed those chances forever.

But who knows, we have said the same thing four other times now, and look where we’re at.

Hall of Fame talent isn’t easy to come by, and the Bucs decided this was worth dealing with to win a Super Bowl, but eventually you have to pay the piper.

Today, Brown seemingly decided to go after every person in the Buccaneers organization that he thought was actively working against him. Tom Brady, who let AB live in his house and vouched for him to get a second chance, caught several strays for throwing to other people like Rob Gronkowski and for needing help from people like Brown.

Brown continued this rant by throwing shade at the other pass-catchers by asking why they would get targets over him, believing himself superior to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Newsflash, AB was the WR3 in Tampa, and that was all he was ever going to be, but it appears that he did not know that.

Of course, Brown also made plenty of comments against Bruce Arians, the coach that stood by the embattled player from day one despite not wanting him in Tampa, and the list goes on.

With Antonio Brown, it has always been everyone else as the problem. Whether it was the Steelers or the Bucs, the Patriots or the Raiders, the reasons why these stops didn’t work was due to the other players and coaches, and eventually you need to realize that when everyone else is the issue, perhaps you need to do some thinking about your own actions.

Attacking Brady truly shows how far Brown has fallen. The player that celebrated his teammates and supported them last year when they found success is gone. The chemistry with Brady and several years of friendship is seemingly over. AB is in such a bad spot that he is posting screenshots trying to expose other people, when in reality he is only making himself look bad.

The whole situation is sad, frankly. Watching anyone throw talent away like this is hard, but perhaps it was naive to think that one of the best leadership units in the sport was enough to overcome Brown’s antics and keep him on the field.

Hopefully Antonio Brown can find some peace and happiness going forward, but it is certainly not going to be in Tampa, and it likely won’t come again in the NFL after today.

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