A Buccaneers fan’s desperate plea for a Tom Brady MVP

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The following transcription comes from a recent in-person conversation with an anonymous Tom Brady Buccaneers Enthusiast. Consider this his final plea to voters and fans of football alike.

Here’s what I’m mad about.
This is what bothers me.
We’re trying to have an adult MVP conversation here.
The MVP of the league.

Alight. Let’s not just sidestep all of the niceties:
Aaron Rodgers very well may be around for another five more years.

Six more years. Seven or eight more years.
If he wishes, if he elects to retire this year, it is his choosing.

I think he’s playing the best football of his life.

I would give the guy another five, six years of just dominating with ease; he’s playing that level of football.

And now, let us turn our attention to a greater, more deserving story.
The story at the forefront of our football lives.

The story we’re all too afraid to talk about.
Mr. Tom Brady. Age 44. In the glorious twilight of his career.
I hope he hangs ‘em up after winning it all this year.
If you would just give him the opportunity he rightfully deserves.

He’s 44.
All year long he’s led the league in touchdowns and passing.
All year long he’s led it.

He had one bad game against the  Saints and now you won’t let this angel of man win the MVP because Aaron Rodgers has a better ratio?
Get the heck out of here.

Let the man win this award.

Let him battle to win one more Super Bowl and let him hang ‘em up.
Let Aaron Rodgers win for the next five, six years when Tommy’s done.

But guess what? You’re all embarrassing yourselves if you really think you can overlook this. You’re essentially begging Brady to stick around, you’re triple dog daring him to win more Super Bowls.

Imagine if you knew Bill Belichick was finally going to retire and he had his best year that year. You’re not gonna give that old curmudgeon the Coach of the Year? I get it. He’s been overlooked as Coach of the Year for about as many times as he ran a back-to-back dynasty. And that’s ok. You give your awards to some up-and-coming coach, year after year, and you let Bill keep his focus on a Super Bowl over individual accolades.

But in this calendar year when Tom Brady is 44 and leading the league in touchdowns and passing yards, all year long? Not like he just came outta nowhere and did it. ALL YEAR. DAY ONE. LEADING THE LEAGUE.

I get it. That Aaron Rodgers. He’s a savage with his ratio.
A savage. A savant with the ball. Hey, the more I think about it, the better he gets, but guess what?

Tom ‘Old Man’ Brady is out there, captaining his team the up. He’s more than holding it down for the Bucs. Man, 44, slinging the rock. Ah, don’t give me that ‘pass heavy offense’ nonsense; bro’s out there throwing the rock, leading the league in Big Plays, bro. Leading in 20 Plus Yards. All day, all season.  He’s an old man winning at a young man’s game.

And you’re reluctant to give him this one especially deserved award. Well then, good. Go ahead. Do it. And guess what happens? You win that award, a pox. A plague. A curse upon you. MVP ain’t winning the Super Bowl.

So let’s deny Brady the MVP. You’re gonna make this old man go all the way back to the Super Bowl and win it all again because you’re all too afraid to embrace the still-unfolding greatness that is Tom Brady.

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Author’s Notes: It is my understanding that the above transcription was intended to address the media’s desperate attempts to keep Tom Brady from ever retiring by overlooking his award winning MVP campaign in flattering anticipation that he’ll be even better next year. Duh.