Buccaneers receive NFL honor that actually hurts the team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images) /

Great. More international games for the Buccaneers.

The NFL is continuing its push to give the game more of an international draw. Unfortunately this push comes at the expense of teams like the Buccaneers and their fans.

While we all love the idea of people getting to see this great team in person, an international game takes away the opportunity from Bucs fans in Tampa and the home-field advantage.

The information hasn’t been confirmed by the Buccaneers yet, but reports indicate that the news could be confirmed in the coming days that the Bucs will be the home team in the first-ever NFL game in Germany.

Better start mentally preparing for watching that game with your morning coffee.

This is a cool gesture on its face. The Bucs, like all NFL teams, do have an international draw, and the London fanbase shows just how rabid our international counterparts can be in their support for the team. But moments like this still hurt the Bucs.

A home stadium that he been mostly red for most of the last two seasons will be a rainbow assortment of every team in the league. Bucs fans will only make up a small percentage of the fanbase in Munich, and while the stadium is sure to be loud, that is not necessarily an advantage for either team when there is no legitimate “home” crowd.

Again, the honor is neat, but no Buccaneers fan is bragging to their rivals about the feat. While those with the income may celebrate the opportunity to go see their team in a different country, the vast majority of the Buccaneer faithful are only missing out on another tailgate opportunity and moment to celebrate their team at Raymond James Stadium.

Some teams like the Jaguars find a way to make the most of this opportunity, but the idea of the Bucs missing out on a home game and those advantages during a difficult season as a way for the NFL to make more money doesn’t really sit right with us.

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