Important reminder for Buccaneers fans in the post-Tom Brady era

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Buccaneers fans have to stay away from the loser mentality despite losing Tom Brady.

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are done. As fun as the past two years were, the coming years will be difficult as the franchise tries to replace the most important player in league history and pay off several contracts that were pushed into the future.

As it stands, this Bucs team is not primed to compete for a Super Bowl in 2022 with Blaine Gabbert or Kyle Trask, and the scariest part of that thought doesn’t come on the field.

Some Bucs fans, especially those on social media, seem to think that the franchise has earned some slack for the future. We all saw those terrible teams for the better part of two decades (and the decades before that bright spot). The losing records. Missing the playoffs. The general hurt.

Winning tasted good, but it certainly doesn’t justify settling for mediocrity just because we won the Super Bowl a year ago.

We all love our team. But there is coming a split between fans that blindly support whatever the franchise does, while others remain critical despite the success.

No team will ever win the Super Bowl every single season, and knowing that tough days are coming is an important level of self-awareness, but being content with the franchise making bad decisions due to two years of success is strange.

This is the loser’s mentality. Being ok with losing because it came on the heels of winning. On the other hand, a winning mentality can have losses associated with it. Accepting losses as a bridge to getting back to winning, especially in the NFL, is a justifiable practice for getting back in competition as soon as possible.

Staying critical of your team might be the best way of being a true fan. Blind support is always extremely dangerous, and calling out a mistake when you see one is a way to take that fan experience to the next level.

Some fans may not like it, but there are plenty of us that will wonder why a general manager that put together a Super Bowl team used an entire draft class to bolster a special teams unit that didn’t improve one iota.

These guys make mistakes, even a team like the Buccaneers, and putting everyone on a pedestal and pretending that everything is going to be perfect because of a win over a year ago is the definition of a loser mentality.

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