Buccaneers eyeing perfect running back option at Combine

Dameon Pierce, Florida Gators, draft option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Dameon Pierce, Florida Gators, draft option for the Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers and Florida running back Dameon Pierce? Sign us up.

If you aren’t in on the Dameon Pierce hype train yet and you’re a Buccaneers fan, it might be time for you to hop on.

There is almost always a running back that goes in one of the middle rounds and impresses everyone early in their career. After what we’ve seen at from Pierce over the past few months, he absolutely looks like that guy.

Fortunately for Bucs fans that are hoping for an improvement in their run game, Jon Ledyard reports there is mutual interest between the Buccaneers and Pierce.

Pierce has every one of the tools to be a great NFL back and his skillset translates especially well to Tampa’s offense.

With great talent as a blocker in passing sets, good hands, and the right player mentality, Pierce would be a major step up over what the Bucs had in Ronald Jones, and we haven’t even talked about Pierce’s abilities as a runner.

While athletic talent isn’t everything, it certainly helps in the NFL, especially with running backs on the ground.

Pierce is built like a bowling ball. A compact yet strong frame has allowed Pierce to be a punishing runner in college between the tackles. For those who have not yet seen Pierce on the bench, check it out here.


In addition to strength, Pierce also has plenty of speed, which could make his 40 time much faster than people expect and will help him get runs around the outside.

The athletic talent and football IQ are there, but those aren’t the only selling points. Pierce is a leader and loyal to a fault. As Gators fans know well, few players exemplify “In all kinds of weather” better than Pierce, and this is coming from an FSU alumni that has seen Pierce gash his team on the ground more than once.

As if you weren’t already sold, if the Buccaneers are keen on setting Kyle Trask up for success, who is better to pair him with than a college teammate that he found success with?

Dameon Pierce is going to draw a lot of attention over the coming months and may not even be available for the Buccaneers when it matters, but Tampa has no reason to pass if Pierce is available and the value is right.

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