Buccaneers should draft this monster to pair with their own monster

Jordan Davis, University of Georgia Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Jordan Davis, University of Georgia Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers already have a monster in their midst in Vita Vea. If they are able, drafting Jordan Davis to pair with him would give the Buccaneers two irresistible forces AND immovable objects.

This writer’s love for Tevita Tuliʻakiʻono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau Vea knows no bounds, and quite frankly, as a lover of the trenches, it’s perfectly justified.

Vea’s uncanny ability to create gridlock at the line of scrimmage single-handedly thanks to an ungodly combination of speed and strength has helped get him, and the Bucs get to this point. He also is getting better with each passing week, so by the time the 2022 season and beyond rolls around, opposing offenses better account for number 50.

To put it simply, Vea makes those around him better. Due to the fact that he’s able to take on multiple offensive linemen, it allows the pass-rushers and linebacker to roam free to hunt and eat. Coming off of his first Pro Bowl season, the Buccaneers may be able to get him some help, which is terrifying.

Now that the NFL Combine is in full swing, prospects will start to become household names based on how they perform on the field of drills before they even step foot on the field of battle. In the case of Jordan Davis though, he should already be well-known.

Davis is a unit. That’s the easiest way to describe it. The mountain of a man, and make no mistake age-wise he’s young, but he’s a man, was the man in the middle of the historically great University of Georgia defense that was able to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide for the National Championship a year ago. This was due in large part to a plethora of NFL talent, Davis included.

Davis was already seen as a first-round prospect, perhaps even a late one. Then this happened.

How do you even explain that?

Since there is no explaining it, let’s take it a step further. That is two-hundredths of a second FASTER than Patrick Mahomes, and only six seconds slower than Jerry Rice. Jerry. Rice. Oh, and just for kicks and giggles, Davis’ 10’3″ in the broad jump was the record for a 300+ pounder, because of course it was.

Of course, you have to perform on the field, not just the Combine. Davis will surely be flying up draft boards like he was on the Indianapolis turf, but if the Buccaneers can find a way to land him, he will be in a perfect position to perform on gamedays.

Can you IMAGINE Vea and Davis lined up next to each other in the interior of the same defensive line? What will offensive lines do? It would take pretty much four to five of them plus a tight end, or back or two to handle them, allowing the rest of the defense to fly around and do what they please.

Of course, as is tradition with the Combine, stocks will rise and fall with the tides of the event. The Buccaneers certainly have more pressing needs, but if Davis looks like a possibility, the Bucs need to pull the trigger on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of pairing these two miracles of nature together. It’s too potentially dominant to pass up. Of course, selfishly it would also make this trench-romantic writer very happy.