Buccaneers can’t buy fake news on star wide receiver target

Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers are seeing that April 1st is the worst day for sports news ever. 

Unfortunately, the childish game of pranking people on April 1st is not only tied to schools. Professional athletes and reporters also get in on the fun every year, and this often leads to plenty of misinformation as they report wild trades or signings are happening.

This is exactly what happened today for Buccaneers fans today with a hot name this offseason.

While the initial photo looked exciting for a team that already has a lot of former Patriots players on the roster, Julian Edelman’s report from earlier today is not true. He is not joining the Buccaneers. Yet.


Edelman wouldn’t be the first player to follow Tom Brady to the Bucs. Rob Gronkowski and Logan Ryan show that Brady’s reach goes far beyond what “rational” moves look like, and this offseason has done plenty to fan the rumor flames about Edelman rejoining his former quarterback.

Workout videos of Brady and Edelman started these rumors weeks ago, and an announcement like this really makes sense against that backdrop. Still, today is April Fools Day. No announcements make sense on a day like this.

This report would have a lot more credibility if the Bucs were the ones to put the information out there. The absence of any legitimate acknowledgment from the Buccaneers or their writers tells a clear story about the lack of fire associated with this smoke.

Still, the idea that Edelman could still join the Bucs is not far-fetched. Brady could always use more hands after the lack of depth we saw at the end of last season, and even time out of the NFL and apart won’t be enough to slow this duo down.

The Buccaneers and Brady would be more than happy to have this report come true, but it isn’t happening today.

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