The only correct option for the Buccaneers to draft in the first round

Jason Licht, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Jason Licht, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The NFL draft is approaching and although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by no means have an enviable draft slot at 27th, there will still be a few obvious picks left on the board by that point.

If one thing has shown to be a successful recipe in the NFL the throughout the last decade, it’s having an elite offensive line and a decent QB. This is exactly the reason why the Bucs need to continue to try and fill their offensive line with more talent during this year’s draft.

Depending on what’s available come the 27th pick, there appears to be two great options for the team to not only help Brady this season, but also give them a plethora of talent moving forward.

One option is Kenyon Green, an offensive guard out of Texas A&M. While Green’s 6 feet four inch 320lb. pound frame and 5.24 second 40-yard dash are impressive enough, what might be his most impressive attribute is his adaptability on the field. During his college career, he started at least one game at every offensive line position except for center.

That flexibility at offensive line would surely help the team in the future allowing them to use Green as a tool they can place anywhere on the offensive line they need to given the team’s needs during a given year.

The second player for the Bucs to consider drafting with their first pick would be 6,3″ 312lb.  guard/center Zion Johnson.

Johnson was ranked the 7th best guard in the nation and has shown that he has the ability to perform well at center if the Bucs ever required it as well.

In 2021, Johnson allowed no QB pressures and has only given up one sack in 2,288 snaps at Boston College.

Either Johnson or Green would be the best option for the Bucs with their first pick in the draft. Both players are game ready and could make an impact this coming season as well as creating a strong foundation for the team to build around and recruit QBs after next year.

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