Buccaneers can’t waste first round draft pick on already-addressed position

Mike Edwards, Antoine Winfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Edwards, Antoine Winfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

The Buccaneers have plenty of positions to focus on with their first-round pick, but safety would absolutely be the worst place to spend on.

There are numerous picks the Buccaneers can make at the end of the first round to contribute for a team that wants to win now, but safety absolutely is not one of them.

It doesn’t seem like the Bucs are married to a safety with the 27th overall pick, but there are enough mock drafts out there that this is starting to become a cause for concern.

The Buccaneers do not need a safety with their most valuable pick this season. Tampa already has two bonafide starters at the position and a veteran on a cheap deal. There is no need to address this role when you already have so much depth at it.

Antoine Winfield Jr. and Mike Edwards are one of the best safety duos in the league on day one. Keanu Neal adds depth and can step in as a quality additional DB with high upside as a hitter. Where is the room for another safety?

The best player available strategy always makes sense, especially for a team like the Bucs where there aren’t many needs, but that strategy also requires teams to evaluate their depth charts and make sure that they aren’t adding guys to the bench with little shot of contributing in year one.

We all saw how much that worked last season.

The Bucs are a legitimate Super Bowl contender before the draft, and getting the most out of those picks is the only way to improve those chances. We get the idea of going after good talent that can start down the line, but going after anyone without the upside of starting in year one with that first pick is a waste.

Stay away from safety in round one. In fact, stay away from it until Day Three at the earliest.

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