Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown is making NFL return more difficult

Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown is a long way from what he was doing with the Buccaneers less than a year ago. His future grows more bleak by the day.

All of the good grace that Antonio Brown developed during the start of his stint with the Buccaneers is officially gone. The spectacle in the way that he quit destroyed almost a full year of good behavior and great play on the field.

Gone were the celebrations with teammates. In were the Twitter rants, accusations against the Bucs, and questionable decisions off the field.

Brown recently went through his second major fall from grace with the NFL and it seems more likely by the day that he won’t get a third shot.

In what is already a bad time for Brown to speak to the media about anything other than rehabbing his injuries, AB has just alienated himself from another large chunk of the NFL going after quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his post-football career.

Brown didn’t hold back for a second.

You can watch a part of the video from the Cigar Talk podcast here, but be warned that there is profanity in the clip.

Now, this is not about anyone’s personal views on either player. Fans have made it clear that they feel strongly for both players one way or another, but one fact that is universal is that attacking Kaepernick in this way is not going to get Brown back on a roster.

The NFL has likely already taken the chance away from Kaep to actually make a team at this point of his career after being out of the league so long, but plenty of people across the league from the higher ups to the players have shown support for Kaepernick and his desire to be in the league.

Players aren’t coming out against Kaep, nor were they, and there is a reason behind this. The tune is changing in the NFL towards protests in the way that Kaepernick brought attention to issues, and were his age and abilities different at this time, there would be much more vocal support surrounding another shot in the league.

That same support isn’t coming out for Antonio Brown, likely not ever again. Videos like this are going to continue to prove why.

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